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Alexander Dugin’s Eurasian Policy

Alexander Dugin was born in 1962. He is head advisor of Russian Duma’s strategic and geopolitics issues.  He helps Putin about strategic issues.  He established Eurasian Political Party in 2001. He started to publish Eurasian Observer magazine. He is important ideologist about fascism, nationalism and fascism. He developed Neo-Eurasian policy for Russia.  Eurasian policy based on empowers relations with China, India, Middle-Eastern countries.  This policy changes Russian Foreign Politic dynamic in early 1990s. This policy is important for economic interest of Russian.  With this policy, Russia’s economy expands to Asia. Russian market is opened to Asia. There are important economic powers in Asia such as China, Japan. Siberia which is low development city of Russia is developed with Eurasian policy.

Eurasian policy builds a bridge between Asia and Europe. So this bridge or rapprochement provided cultural integration. Cultural and traditional things could expand with this rapprochement. With this policy, Russia’s geopolitics location in Asia gain importance. So, Russia became an important country in Asia. With this policy, Russia’s euro-Atlantic position and Eurasian position balanced. So, Russia refrains from pursue soloist policy. In this policy, main aim is to develop economic policies rather than military issues.

With Alexander Dugin, we can talk about Neo-Eurasian policy. His policy accepts classical Eurasian policy. Neo-Eurasian policy accepts modernization with non-westernization, because westernization accepts American policy. American policy gets under the influence of all Europe. So, with his policy, Europe gets rid of influence of American policy. Europe will be influence of Russian policy. This idea about Eurasian Union can rise of new Soviet Union.  According to Dugin’s policy, it is important to state rather than democracy. So, this leads to authoritarian regime.

Dugin’s policy solved three big problems about Russia. We can order these questions. First is what does it provide for united multi-national state Russia? Second is how does it dominate huge location of Russian territory with inequality of population distribution? Third is where does Russian borders start and end? Dugin solved these problems with his geopolitics thesis. Russian population of %80 lived in Russia’s European part. The people of Eastern Russia emigrate to Russian’s European part. So, Eastern part of Russia emigrates from China and Muslims. So, this condition will create a problem next years for Russia. Dugin believe that this condition can solve with Eurasian policy. According to Dugin, Russia creates connection between other Eastern nations. This connection can provide unity.

Dugin established Eurasian Party in 2001. He described Russia which is strong world emperor. He explained Party’s five principles about Russian politics. First policy is about scientific patriotism. According to this policy; Russia can‘t be regional emperor. Russia must play an active role in world politics. But in this active role, Russia needs allies. These allies provide with Eurasian policy. Second policy is social policy. According to this policy; new market is based on social justice and social needs. Third policy is Eurasian regionalism. According to this policy; Eurasian encompasses big area. In this area, every nation possesses differences. When policy is made, these differences must take into consideration. Fourth policy is about traditionalism. According to this policy; he supports tradition to get rid of some obstacles. Religious factor (Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jewish) is important about traditionalism. Fifth policy is about morality of Eurasian.

Finally, Dugin’s policy aims that develop good relations with Europe and Eurasian. Dugin’s policy has pursued Putin’s term and will continue after Putin. Dugin’s policy aims that establishes multi-polar globalization system in world politics.

Arda ÖZÇAĞLAR, Çankaya Üniversitesi Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslar arası İlişkiler son sınıf öğrencisi.

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