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Comparison of Competitive Policies and Applications Between Sweden and Turkey

The developments in the last decades caused many changes in all countries. Because of these changes, most countries started to prefer market economies as an economical model. Market economy, which is based on competition concept, depends on the existence of competition conditions in the market. The economy reaches the efficiency in the distribution of resources and the highest social welfare only if these conditions are satisfied. However there are interventions in developed countries in order to satisfy and maintain the efficiency in the markets. The most common tool for intervention is competition policy.

In a broad case, competition policy means the public policy tools which provide competition conditions to prevail in the market. Narrowly, competition policy is a use of competition rules in the laws.

Market economy is a dynamic and competitive economy which takes shape according to the countries. Countries take advantage of market economies such as higher social welfare and opportunities coming from globalization.

Turkey began “westernising” its economic, political and social structures in the 19th century. Following the First World War and the proclamation of the Republic in 1923, it chose Western Europeas the model for its new secular structure. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  webpage)

Now, Turkey, which is a candidate country to European Union , aims to complete all criterias for the membership of European Union.  Competition Policy is one of the criterias. As a result, Turkey has improved in the area of competition policies and applications since choosing free market economy. On the other hand, Sweden is a member of European Union and well off in the area of competition policies and applications.

Linköpings University, SWEDEN

Mehmet KARA&Emine AYDIN

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