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Fighting Terrorism And Intervention

Paradoxes And Misunderstandings

The current international system emerged in the aftermath of the breakdown of the bipolar structure. The new one cannot be explained in terms of the previous system’s parameters. The proliferation and variation of the actors within the system; the increasing interdependency and complexity of the mutual relations have all challenged and changed the traditional concepts and explanations. These changes represent a challenge to the discipline of international relations. What is required is not just the reconceptualization of international politics from a disciplinary perspective but also an interdisciplinary approach integrating among others disciplines such as law, sociology, and political science. The form and the content of the phenomena under study have changed thus stimulated new debates. The concept of “threat” for example no longer simply relates to the practices of violence between states; as a conse-quence the concept of “security” can no longer be associated exclusively with the military defense of the national territory (Ian 1999: 107-126). What could once be considered as a local threat has now become a global security issues. Among such issues are illegal arms transfers, organized crime, and drug trafficking or illegal immigration. But terrorism has become one of the most debated issues.

Terrorism, which is associated with crucial structural changes in the international scene, both in terms of physical destruction and psychological impact, is an old concept. It has gained its global sig-nificance in the post-90 period and has had deep impact on global security issue.

Author: Beril Dedeoğlu

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