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The secret to winning the Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize went to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy… in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.” The Quartet is a group of four organizations — two national labor unions, a business group, and a lawyers’ association — whose work helped prevent Tunisia from sliding into …

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Turkey’s not so splendid isolation

The AKP’s ‘New Turkey’, a project of regional influence and aspiration, was going so well. Then came the Arab Spring, the violent mess of the Syrian civil war, and the rise of IS. “Turkey’s stand is ethical. Our regional policy is one of values, human and democratic, which everyone should agree on. That’s why the coup against [Egyptian president] Mohammed …

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International System

Would you characterize the present international system as unipolar, multi-polar, or some other pattern?  How do you measure the structure, and what does it predict about the future of both international conflict and cooperation in the coming years?  Thoroughly explain your answer using concepts from the book regarding polarity and peace. To understand the present status of the international system, …

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The Grand Bargain of Russia in the Middle East

Today, the Middle East is standing in the mid of a new era called as Arab Spring. It is a process formed with rebellions against the strict regimes to enhance freedom, human rights and democratization in the region states. It is a fact that the Arab Spring or Arab Revolution is not emerged itself. The starting point is considered as …

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Turkey can be a democratic model for the Middle East

Epiphanies from Abdullah Gul Turkey can be a democratic model for the Middle East, its president says. As the first openly devout president of Turkey, Abdullah Gul believes his country can be a model for the new wave of Islamic democracies sprouting across the Arab world. But a region that seemed so hopeful when Gul landed in Egypt just days …

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Open Door Policy

Can the State Department’s ambitious new plan to subvert autocratic regimes online actually succeed? Last year, when Internet users in 12 authoritarian states tried to navigate to the social networking sites we take for granted in the West, they encountered the usual government firewall blocking their access. But there was a twist. Many of them also saw an advertisement alerting …

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No Refuge

Syrians fleeing the massacre back home battle boredom, callous foreign governments, and growing religious rifts. BOHSIN, Turkey — The dull thud of the Syrian military shells woke me in the Bohsin refuge camp at about three in the morning. Across the tent, Wasim Sabbagh, a Syrian Christian from the province of Homs, did not stir. But across the Orontes River, …

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The Petrostates of America

Yes, the U.S. economy is addicted to oil — selling it. The United States now faces a daunting challenge: The world’s crude oil supply has been flat for years, even as emerging economies demand ever greater quantities. To prosper in this environment, the United States will have to make progress in using fuel more efficiently faster than emerging economies can …

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Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ Policy

This brief seeks to explain the challenges facing Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ policy in the context of the developments associated with the ‘Arab Spring.’ How Turkey’s foreign policy understanding will be affected by the tumultuous changes in the region, and how Turkey should cope with these changes require urgent answers. The main argument of the brief is that besides …

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