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Tag Arşivi: Cold War

Radical Dimenson of Making Policy: “TERRORISM”

This writing has been designed to analyze terrorism as a up to date and growing –world shaking problematic concept. It is inevitable that terror’s constructive elements should be determined, to understand and decipher its process, lived through the human history, by facing to threat of terrorism. Evolution of Terrorism Origin of terror stems from the Latin sentence “terrere” which means …

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International System

Would you characterize the present international system as unipolar, multi-polar, or some other pattern?  How do you measure the structure, and what does it predict about the future of both international conflict and cooperation in the coming years?  Thoroughly explain your answer using concepts from the book regarding polarity and peace. To understand the present status of the international system, …

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Ethnic Conflict

In the international arena with increasing the differentiation between groups in terms of politics, economics and ideologies, people began to try to reflect their own culture, language and so on in specific region which was they lived area. In the mid-20thcentury, the term “ethnicity” as it is used today replacing terminology of “races” or “nations” used for the concept of …

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Efforts of the European Union in Central Asia

After the Cold War the process of globalization took place almost in every corner of the world. Under an umbrella of globalization nation-states especially the great powers got the possibility without any restrictions to make investments in countries abroad and cooperate with each other. The European Union (EU) is considered to be one of these structures that mainly due to …

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The New Crossroads of History

Ten things you didn’t know about Turkey. No walls fell in Turkey at the end of the Cold War; there was no color-coded revolution. Yet, arguably, the country is in the throes of a transformation as profound as those of its neighbors. A country that once served as a lonely sentinel on NATO’s southern flank is now at the center …

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Saudi Arabia Is Arming the Syrian Opposition

What could possibly go wrong? Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah scolded Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week for failing to coordinate with Arab states before vetoing a United Nations resolution demanding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down. Emboldened by the lack of international action, Assad’s forces are now slaughtering civilians in the streets at an even greater rate. Referring to the bloodshed, …

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The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and Turkey

The BSECO should be put  into the category of not ‘regionalization’ but ‘region-building’ since ‘regionalization’ is a natural and passive process without a conscious  or programmed human activity but region-building is an active process with a conscious human subject. (see Saarikoski, 1995, pp.228-229) and should be regarded as the result of  two main changes: 1.The new international political system and  …

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Securıty Concerns of Turkey-Cold War and Post-Cold War Periods

Since the establishment of modern Turkish Republic, by a distinguished soldier and leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in 1923, following a four-year War of Independence (1918-1922) against the occupation forces of the victors of the World War I, until now, Turkish security policy has been shaped according to the security concerns which have changed parallel to the new risks and threats …

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Are we witnessing the Emergence of a New Block?

The experts assert that the significance of “emerging markets” is increasing day by day. While the global economy and the “developed states” are struggling with the recession [2], developing states have reached stability in economic growth and continue to move upwards in the global economy. These states have not only transformed themselves, but have also become new centers of riches …

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Globalisation and the State

Introduction At the beginning of the 21st century, we are living in an era of globalisation. Is globalisation a threat to the Westphalia system? The Westphalia system was a framework of governance. At the core of this mode of governance stood the principles of statehood and sovereignty. Statehood meant that the world divided into territorial parcels, each of which was …

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