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The European Union Law Reality in Cyprus: Only South, What About the Northern Part?

Avrupa Birliği üyeliği kapsamında, 2004 yılında Kıbrıs Türk ve Rum toplumu için ayrı ayrı düzenlenen referandumun etkileri ve yansımaları Kıbrıs konusunda büyük öneme sahip olmuştur. Referandum sonuçlarından sonra özellikle Kıbrıs’ın Avrupa Birliği üyeliğinden sonra, Kıbrıs davası, Avrupa Birliği politikaları altında yeni bir döneme girmiştir. Günümüzde Kıbrıs, Avrupa Birliği içinde bölünmüş ve 2 farklı devlet ile yönetilen tek ülke olarak varlığını sürdürmektedir. …

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The Strategıc Importance Of Cyprus

İntroduction Cyprus, which doesn’t have so much importance in regard to the area it covers, represents importance depending on its geopraphic location[1]. Parallel to the mentioned geopolitical location, Cyprus played a critical role between Europe, Asia, and Africa in history. So many states have had a profound desire to obtain Cyprus due to this unique location and transit trade routes. …

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Negotiating a Resolution to the Cyprus Problem

This article provides a game theoretic analysis of how the candidacy of Cyprus for European Union (EU) membership presents an important challenge for both the Union’s eastern enlargement plans and current international efforts aimed at resolving the Cyprus problem. The conclusions indicate that the Cypriot conflict has entered a very delicate period in its protracted and troublesome history characterized by a deadlock game. …

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Turkey and The Middle East

An Updated Assessment In a sense, no country has tried harder to get out of the Middle East than Turkey–by way of achieving membership in the European Union–yet Turkey does have an important role to play in the region. At the same time, though, this situation is complicated by divergences over Turkey’s identity, interests, and internal politics. Turkish interests and …

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Turkey’s EU Membership Process

Short Term Problems and Long Term Perspectives Overview Turkey faces a momentous time and challenges in its increasingly complex and frustrating (for both sides) accession negotiations with the EU. There is still talk of the EU-Turkish relations once again heading towards another critical turning point (or a “train crash” in the words of the enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn) this autumn …

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