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Is Greece a Failed State?

Not yet. But it’s running out of time — and money. Two years ago, Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou compared his country’s travails to “a new Odyssey.” Since then, about half a million Greeks have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of businesses have closed, the economy has shrunk by more than a tenth, Athens has witnessed several riots, and …

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The Strategıc Importance Of Cyprus

İntroduction Cyprus, which doesn’t have so much importance in regard to the area it covers, represents importance depending on its geopraphic location[1]. Parallel to the mentioned geopolitical location, Cyprus played a critical role between Europe, Asia, and Africa in history. So many states have had a profound desire to obtain Cyprus due to this unique location and transit trade routes. …

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Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ Policy

This brief seeks to explain the challenges facing Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ policy in the context of the developments associated with the ‘Arab Spring.’ How Turkey’s foreign policy understanding will be affected by the tumultuous changes in the region, and how Turkey should cope with these changes require urgent answers. The main argument of the brief is that besides …

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Turkish Foreign Policy in 2012

At the turn of the new millennium, Turkey’s relations with the neighborhood, once deemed a liability, normalized. Thanks to a series of structural and ideational developments, Ankara entrenched a stakeholder role in its strategic environment. This setting was defined as the Middle East, Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia and Northern Africa. Even more importantly, relations with global power brokers stood in …

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The Sick Man of Europe Is Europe

A new study shows Europe’s power waning — and if the continent doesn’t get its act together soon, it could put the global order in serious jeopardy. Until recently, Europeans enjoyed a pretty comfortable position in most international organizations. At the IMF, they had an unquestioned hold on the directorship and could lecture other countries on how to govern themselves …

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Imagine the EU

The European Union (EU) is a novel political entity in many respects. For example, instead of the monolithic political structure of nation-states, it features a layered structure and a ‘variable geometry’. This institutional complexity has been interpreted as an indicator of the EU being a post-modern political system. This article inquires whether the EU’s institutional post-modernness is accompanied by a post-modern identity. I argue that …

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The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and Turkey

The BSECO should be put  into the category of not ‘regionalization’ but ‘region-building’ since ‘regionalization’ is a natural and passive process without a conscious  or programmed human activity but region-building is an active process with a conscious human subject. (see Saarikoski, 1995, pp.228-229) and should be regarded as the result of  two main changes: 1.The new international political system and  …

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Negotiating a Resolution to the Cyprus Problem

This article provides a game theoretic analysis of how the candidacy of Cyprus for European Union (EU) membership presents an important challenge for both the Union’s eastern enlargement plans and current international efforts aimed at resolving the Cyprus problem. The conclusions indicate that the Cypriot conflict has entered a very delicate period in its protracted and troublesome history characterized by a deadlock game. …

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Turkish Membership to the European Union

an Advantageous Turning Point for the EU or an Adverse Drawback This article will attempt to explore the issues regarding Turkish accession into the European Union. There are advantages and disadvantages for the European Union (EU) if Turkey is to become a member. Some setbacks for Turkey stand in the way of it becoming a member, such as economic concerns …

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Turkey and Middle East Security

The possibility of Turkey joining the European Union has spurred heated debate within the EU, but it is also fascinating the entire Middle East. This interest is a clear signal that Turkey has emerged as a powerful regional actor. Indeed, Turkey’s new ruling elite is confident that their country can play an active peace-making role in the region. What has …

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