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The European Union Law Reality in Cyprus: Only South, What About the Northern Part?

Avrupa Birliği üyeliği kapsamında, 2004 yılında Kıbrıs Türk ve Rum toplumu için ayrı ayrı düzenlenen referandumun etkileri ve yansımaları Kıbrıs konusunda büyük öneme sahip olmuştur. Referandum sonuçlarından sonra özellikle Kıbrıs’ın Avrupa Birliği üyeliğinden sonra, Kıbrıs davası, Avrupa Birliği politikaları altında yeni bir döneme girmiştir. Günümüzde Kıbrıs, Avrupa Birliği içinde bölünmüş ve 2 farklı devlet ile yönetilen tek ülke olarak varlığını sürdürmektedir. …

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Why does not Switzerland join the European Union (EU)?

Like Norway, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. They (Switzerland and Norway) are parts of the Europe geographically and ideologically, but they are not members of the European Union. For Switzerland, this is because of its higher level of economic prosperity compare to many members of the European Union, and the perceptions of direct democracy, neutrality to …

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Interview with Michael Binyon

The year 2014 ended. Many events took place, but some of them were crucial for the global politics. About a summary of the year, Hacı Mehmet BOYRAZ spoke Dear Michael Binyon, the leader-writer and foreign correspondent of The Times. Dear BINYON, We are thankful to you for accepting our request. First of all, how do you summarize the socio-political events …

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Why Would Anyone Want to Join the EU?

The European Union is flailing, feckless, and fundamentally undemocratic. Following Croatia’s vote (albeit on only 44 percent voter turnout) in January to join the European Union, Serbia has now also been accepted as a candidate for membership. This is its reward for agreeing to acompromise with Kosovo, mediated by the EU, whereby Kosovo will be written with an asterisk at international and regional meetings to …

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The European Neighbourhood Policy

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is the newest foreign policy tool and the key geo-political project of the European Union (EU) after enlargement. The ENP aims to develop a privileged partnership with the old Southern and the new Eastern neighbours of the enlarged Union which is based on economic integration and security and political cooperation short of EU membership. Central …

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Turkish Membership to the European Union

an Advantageous Turning Point for the EU or an Adverse Drawback This article will attempt to explore the issues regarding Turkish accession into the European Union. There are advantages and disadvantages for the European Union (EU) if Turkey is to become a member. Some setbacks for Turkey stand in the way of it becoming a member, such as economic concerns …

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The people don’t love Brussels, the experts do

The Irish have overwhelmingly rejected the Lisbon Treaty. Why isn’t the EU popular with Europeans? And what can the EU do about it? Perhaps popular discontent tells us something more profound about the nature of the Union. The European Union held its breath on 13 June as the Irish voted on last year’s Treaty of Lisbon. Even though Brussels slowed …

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Turkey’s EU Membership Process

Short Term Problems and Long Term Perspectives Overview Turkey faces a momentous time and challenges in its increasingly complex and frustrating (for both sides) accession negotiations with the EU. There is still talk of the EU-Turkish relations once again heading towards another critical turning point (or a “train crash” in the words of the enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn) this autumn …

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