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Is There a Decline in Turnout at the European Elections?

The struggle to hold onto the life after the World War II devastations of Europe in 1945, public weary of war, economic decline and increasingly chanted slogans of make peace, no war have prompted European leaders to do something. Especially the support from US against the danger of the Soviet Union accelerated this process[1] and enabled Europe to take important …

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Regional Organizations In Multilateralism

In contemporary world-order, the conception of nation-state has started to changed. The future of world will been determined by instutions. So, globalization process will effect nation-state. Regionalism is tool for globalization. After WW2, uniter state system changed. States started to find new ways to get rid of aftermath of WW2. So regionalism was great idea to get rid of aftermath …

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Imagine the EU

The European Union (EU) is a novel political entity in many respects. For example, instead of the monolithic political structure of nation-states, it features a layered structure and a ‘variable geometry’. This institutional complexity has been interpreted as an indicator of the EU being a post-modern political system. This article inquires whether the EU’s institutional post-modernness is accompanied by a post-modern identity. I argue that …

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