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Tag Arşivi: European identity

Whose Europe?

More than 130,000 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean so far this year. The Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) operation, launched by the Italian government in October 2013 after 600 refugees from Syria and Eritrea died in two shipwrecks off the Italian coast, is designed to intercept migrant boats before they hit trouble. It involves personnel, units and aircraft from the Italian navy, …

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Poland and the Accession of Turkey to the European Union

In 2014, we mark the 600th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Poland and Turkey. Poland, the largest and most dynamic of the post-Communist states of Central Europe, is also Turkey’s best friend in the European Union. Polish authorities has been one of the biggest proponents of the Turkey’s accession to the EU, pointing out the possible advantages of …

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European Integration Is On The Way Of Become An International Actor

European Union plays an important role in international system.  European integration is on the way of become an international actor. We examine economic, political, security and social policies in international system for European Union. We can say that European Union is not international actor or actor. Also, we mention about enlargement and deepening issues in the EU process. European Union …

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Imagine the EU

The European Union (EU) is a novel political entity in many respects. For example, instead of the monolithic political structure of nation-states, it features a layered structure and a ‘variable geometry’. This institutional complexity has been interpreted as an indicator of the EU being a post-modern political system. This article inquires whether the EU’s institutional post-modernness is accompanied by a post-modern identity. I argue that …

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European Union: from backdoor to front

The European Union’s political progress starts with myth-clearing and continues with a democracy-making that builds on its citizens’ sense of European identity, says Michael Bruter. In the small hours of 23 June 2007, the twenty-seven heads of states and governments of the European Union reached an agreement at their summit in Brussels on the amending treaty to replace the proposed …

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