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The European Union Law Reality in Cyprus: Only South, What About the Northern Part?

Avrupa Birliği üyeliği kapsamında, 2004 yılında Kıbrıs Türk ve Rum toplumu için ayrı ayrı düzenlenen referandumun etkileri ve yansımaları Kıbrıs konusunda büyük öneme sahip olmuştur. Referandum sonuçlarından sonra özellikle Kıbrıs’ın Avrupa Birliği üyeliğinden sonra, Kıbrıs davası, Avrupa Birliği politikaları altında yeni bir döneme girmiştir. Günümüzde Kıbrıs, Avrupa Birliği içinde bölünmüş ve 2 farklı devlet ile yönetilen tek ülke olarak varlığını sürdürmektedir. …

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NATO-Russia Tensions Rise After Turkey Downs Jet

Two big powers supporting different factions in the Syrian civil war clashed with each other on Tuesday when Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane that Turkey said had strayed into its airspace. The tensions immediately took on Cold War overtones when Russia rejected Turkey’s claim and Ankara responded by asking for an emergency NATO meeting, eliciting more Russian anger and …

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Erdogan Says EU Should Do More About Syria

BRUSSELS — Under pressure to help Europe control its worst refugee crisis since World War II, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey turned the tables on European leaders on Monday and said the best way to ease the problem was for the European Union to help contain the war in Syria. Meeting with European Union leaders as part of a state …

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What does an enlarged European Union mean to me?

A Bigger Family and More Peace in the World by Enlargement… To write this paper better, firstly we have to know what the term “enlargement” is. According to the literature of the EU, it is basically the process of expanding the European Union (EU) through the accession of new member states (1), but I support that it is beyond this …

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European Integration Is On The Way Of Become An International Actor

European Union plays an important role in international system.  European integration is on the way of become an international actor. We examine economic, political, security and social policies in international system for European Union. We can say that European Union is not international actor or actor. Also, we mention about enlargement and deepening issues in the EU process. European Union …

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Regional Organizations In Multilateralism

In contemporary world-order, the conception of nation-state has started to changed. The future of world will been determined by instutions. So, globalization process will effect nation-state. Regionalism is tool for globalization. After WW2, uniter state system changed. States started to find new ways to get rid of aftermath of WW2. So regionalism was great idea to get rid of aftermath …

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Why Would Anyone Want to Join the EU?

The European Union is flailing, feckless, and fundamentally undemocratic. Following Croatia’s vote (albeit on only 44 percent voter turnout) in January to join the European Union, Serbia has now also been accepted as a candidate for membership. This is its reward for agreeing to acompromise with Kosovo, mediated by the EU, whereby Kosovo will be written with an asterisk at international and regional meetings to …

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Is Greece a Failed State?

Not yet. But it’s running out of time — and money. Two years ago, Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou compared his country’s travails to “a new Odyssey.” Since then, about half a million Greeks have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of businesses have closed, the economy has shrunk by more than a tenth, Athens has witnessed several riots, and …

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Turkey’s political in-fighting

Erdogan at bay The Turkish prime minister faces new enemies both at home and abroad FOR nine years Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has moved smoothly from one victory to another, winning three elections in a row with a bigger share of the vote each time. He has seen off coup plots by once-omnipotent generals and attempts by their …

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Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ Policy

This brief seeks to explain the challenges facing Turkey’s ‘zero problems with neighbors’ policy in the context of the developments associated with the ‘Arab Spring.’ How Turkey’s foreign policy understanding will be affected by the tumultuous changes in the region, and how Turkey should cope with these changes require urgent answers. The main argument of the brief is that besides …

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