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Tag Arşivi: French Revolution

American Conservatism & Turkish Conservatism

Conservatism is mainly political doctrine. However, someone define conservatism use the ideology, someone use political doctrines which is dominated in the international system. Because of these reasons, we will especially look at the definition of conservatism. When we explain what is conservatism at the same time we need to say forms of conservatism because these different forms of conservatisms are …

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Ethnic Conflict

In the international arena with increasing the differentiation between groups in terms of politics, economics and ideologies, people began to try to reflect their own culture, language and so on in specific region which was they lived area. In the mid-20thcentury, the term “ethnicity” as it is used today replacing terminology of “races” or “nations” used for the concept of …

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Cairo’s Undercover Strongman

Meet Murad Muwafi, the most important man in Egypt you’ve never heard of. CAIRO — When Hosni Mubarak fell from power in February 2011, many elements of his regime remained in place — at least at first. In the year since then, the Egyptian army, the police, and the business elite have struggled to cope with the tide of revolutionary …

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