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Radical Dimenson of Making Policy: “TERRORISM”

This writing has been designed to analyze terrorism as a up to date and growing –world shaking problematic concept. It is inevitable that terror’s constructive elements should be determined, to understand and decipher its process, lived through the human history, by facing to threat of terrorism. Evolution of Terrorism Origin of terror stems from the Latin sentence “terrere” which means …

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What is the Terrorism?

Terrorism has a long history. There is no generally accepted definition of terrorism. Michael J. Stevens has various immediate and long-term approaches. He intended to prevent terrorism such as teaching tolerance and citizenship, modifying media images of terrorism, and building peace. With the emerging ethnic and religious sensibilities, the widening gap between the rich and poor, status of US as …

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Regional Organizations In Multilateralism

In contemporary world-order, the conception of nation-state has started to changed. The future of world will been determined by instutions. So, globalization process will effect nation-state. Regionalism is tool for globalization. After WW2, uniter state system changed. States started to find new ways to get rid of aftermath of WW2. So regionalism was great idea to get rid of aftermath …

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Comparison of Competitive Policies and Applications Between Sweden and Turkey

The developments in the last decades caused many changes in all countries. Because of these changes, most countries started to prefer market economies as an economical model. Market economy, which is based on competition concept, depends on the existence of competition conditions in the market. The economy reaches the efficiency in the distribution of resources and the highest social welfare …

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Globalleşme Nedir?

Globalleşme konusunda, birbirine alternatif olabilecek çeşitli tanımlar yapılabilmektedir. Ekonomik Bir Yöneliş Olarak Globalleşme: Globalleşme, ülkeler arasında mal, hizmet, uluslar arası sermaye akımları ve teknolojik gelişimin hızlı bir şekilde artmasını ve serbestleşmesini ve bunlar sonucu ortaya çıkan ekonomik gelişmeyi ifade eder. birbirleriyle mal işlemleri, çeşitliliği, değer artışları, hizmetler, uluslar arası sermaye akımları, teknolojinin çok hızlı ve yaygın bir şekilde yükselmesi ve …

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