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NATO, master of the world

Meeting in Washington for the 50th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the member states on 26 April ratified the New Strategic Concept proposed by the United States. This permits Nato to go beyond its defensive role and intervene militarily, without a mandate from the United Nations, against a sovereign state. The token reference to the UN may satisfy France …

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Realism and the Fog of War

The study of international relations has lots of different theoretical approaches. Some emerged from within the discipline itself; others have been imported from disciplines such as economics or sociology and also these different approaches try to provide a complete explanation for the dynamics of the international political system. The main and dominant ideology or approach which emerged as a discipline …

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Turkish Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice

In this essay, I analyze contemporary Turkish foreign policy (TFP) according to three major perspectives in international relations theory: realism, liberalism and identity. I focus on TFP after 2002, because 2002 represents a turning point when AKP (Justice and Development Party) came into power and subsequently shaped the contemporary Turkish perspective on international relations. It is obvious that Turkey’s leaders have …

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