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Interview with Michael Binyon

The year 2014 ended. Many events took place, but some of them were crucial for the global politics. About a summary of the year, Hacı Mehmet BOYRAZ spoke Dear Michael Binyon, the leader-writer and foreign correspondent of The Times. Dear BINYON, We are thankful to you for accepting our request. First of all, how do you summarize the socio-political events …

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A New Challenge for Our Military

It’s time to hold the generals accountable for Afghanistan and Iraq. We have lost more than lives in our wars in the Middle East, more than money, more than precious elements of our national reputation. We have also lost our ability to judge our actions or their consequences with a critical eye. Yes, certainly there has been national debate about …

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Globalisation and the State

Introduction At the beginning of the 21st century, we are living in an era of globalisation. Is globalisation a threat to the Westphalia system? The Westphalia system was a framework of governance. At the core of this mode of governance stood the principles of statehood and sovereignty. Statehood meant that the world divided into territorial parcels, each of which was …

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Sarkozy’s rightwing revolution

The television images in France on the evening of Sunday 6 May 2007 might have suggested that there were two winners of the presidential election. Only a few minutes after 8pm, when exit-polls announced the victory of rightwing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy by 53.06% to 46.94% over the socialist Ségolène Royal, Royal appeared on television with a forced smile, surrounded by …

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Turkey divided: politics, faith and democracy

A convulsive crisis is gripping Turkey. At stake is not just the choice of the next president or even the future political direction of the country, but the fundamental identity of the Turkish state and society. How this crisis is resolved will determine the evolution of this pivotal nation for years to come, and will – whatever the outcome – …

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